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"A Pedophile's Tale", in 3 Acts.

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

To begin with - NO. This is NOT going to be about the Island. It may be referenced occasionally, but NO. It is NOT about the Island.

This is some sort of upside down story that BEGINS with the perp getting arrested, turns into a tale of impunity, where we meet the princess of the sex slaves and become aware how the details of international sex trafficking may be about to be exposed.

Most of this story will be told by Palm Beach Post articles, with some material by UK's Daily Mail Online and the Miami Herald.

Most of this material was released on the FBI Vaults.

We will benefit from the work of many kick-ass professionals.

Act One: a Billionaire's mansion in El Brillo Way, Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

This long piece from the Post will carry us for the first third of this story.

It's about a man who had everything - so he wanted what he could NOT legally have.

At this point in time, more than a decade after his court plead that mandates he registers as a sex-offender for the rest of his life, we can skip the presumption of innocence and state clearly: Epstein was in the habit of receiving underage girls for sexual activities.

When Palm Beach Police started surveillance of his house, they immediately knew something was amiss with the girls coming and going.

Epstein came into the public spotlight in the 90's, when he started dating Ghislaine Maxwell, a heiress to a British newspaper mogul.

Look at what the rumors about him were!

A different Post article notes that he had been in probation for 5 years, following a guilty plea of stealing US treasury checks from the mail.

Back to our story: how can someone, in a decade, go from simple mail thief to be a money manager from the super-wealthy?

Soon, his NY townhouse, as well as his ranch in New Mexico, would join his El Brillo Way mansion in calling the attention of the authorities. And of course, there's the Island.

But NO, this is NOT going to be about the Island.

Epstein was also famous for his list of friends - which included, at one time, POTUS.

But the most troubling of these liaisons was with Bill Clinton.

Epstein was also notable for his contributions to D politicians.

About the turn of the century, POTUS appeared to have nice things to say about Epstein, but read that: many of the girls Epstein liked "are on the younger side".

The Palm Beach Police investigation began in 2005, triggered by the worried mom of a 14-year-old girl.

The police interviewed 5 victims and 17 witnesses.

When he was in town, he had underage girls showing up for "massages" 2 or 3 times a day.

The cops were soon to learn how difficult it was to really nail this powerful perp.

Professor Dershowitz has an ugly part in all this.
Defense lawyers have a duty to their clients - yes. BUT…

The mud-slinging at the victims had the desired effect of making Palm Beach prosecutors gun-shy. They decided to submit their evidence to a Grand Jury. Meanwhile, Epstein legal team put investigators to apply pressure on the families of the victims and witnesses.

His legal team continued to make what we - now - know for sure to be totally false statements.

Epstein's team also successfully drove a wedge between the Police and the Prosecutors.

At one point, a deal was on the table that would have not even required him to serve any jail time.

Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter was furious, and went the extra mile, writing Florida's State Attorney Barry Krischer and demanding he disqualify himself from the case.

So the case went in front of a Grand Jury, to disappointing results.

One count of felony solicitation of prostitution.

Not FOUR counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, like the Police was expecting.

So the PBPD asked the FBI to investigate the case, and took the opportunity to return a US$90K donation Epstein had made in 2004.

End of Act One.

Act Two: the investigations by the FBI.

In Florida, delays to the Epstein's Trial were caused by the Federal probe, and also by a Plea Deal in the making.

As we can see in the HEAVILY redacted material from the FBI Vault, FBI was actively conducting an investigation, following leads, making interviews etc.

The Jury Trial was about to begin, in Florida.

And the Civil suits are beginning to line up.

Soon, the lawsuits were multiplying.

Finally, the news break: Jeffrey Epstein had pleaded guilty.

While this seems like a good thing, wait until you get to know the details of this "sweetheart deal".

Some of the terms: 18 months in Jail (actually 13, and he left jail to work), plus one year House Arrest. He will be registered as a sex-offender for life.

BUT: the Feds agreed to drop their investigation on him. This was BAD.

The Palm Beach Post immediately detected how unfair the deal was to the victims.

Soon the calls started for the deal to be squashed.

The details of his jail privileges keep pouring out.

By that moment, 12 suits against him were ongoing.

Continued calls - if not for the squashing of the deal, at least for the disclosure of the details of the deal.

The `Palm Beach Post joins the fight for the release of the "highly unusual" and "unprecedented" agreement.

Meanwhile, Epstein's team fights the suits with its characteristic brutality.

Former Epstein's employee is charged with obstruction of Justice, for withholding information that could have altered the fate of the case.

End of Act two.

Act Three: Meet a victim.

Her name is Virginia Roberts.

In many respects, she was the princess of Epstein's sex slaves.

By that point, Epstein had settled 17 underage sex charges, and the Daily mail reminds us that the names of FAMOUS friends were kept out of the light by the plea deal that prevented it from going to court.

Also, we learn how he used this child, and gave her away as a sexual gift to his male friends.

Virginia was "recruited" by Ghislaine, to be a "masseuse".

So she went, with the blessing of her father.

For three years, she was sexually abused by Epstein while underage.

Virginia is not a statistic. She is an abused human being.

Look into her eyes. Acknowledge her pain. This is the least we can do.

He made her feel SO SPECIAL, and then he started handing her out to other men.

She was nothing but a sex toy to those two.

They made her obedient, made her do repulsing stuff, and yet… she thought they cared for her.

She would be delighted to go on trips with them.

In one of those trips, in London: "You're going to dance with a Prince, tonight."

There they are. Virginia Roberts and England's Prince Andrew.

She was now officially the princess of the sex-slaves.

She did get paid "royally" for her invaluable services to the Monarchy.

As pedophiles always do, Epstein got disinterested on her as she became a fully grown woman. So he asked her to bear him a child, and - of course - surrender all rights to the baby.

She met an Australian man in Thailand, and was trying to move on with her life when the police got her back in the story.

She has since settled financial agreements with both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. But the story is not over, for her. She is seeking in court to release the documents of her case, to make the world aware of the sex trafficking by the superelites.

The Miami Herald has brought all that story back to the surface with a series of articles.

The Department of Justice now has a probe on the "slap on the wrist" plea bargain for Epstein. You can expect results.

Two mysterious parties seek to keep documents from Epstein case sealed.

The elderly 96 years-old judge in the case dies.

You don't have to have a crystal ball to know this story is far from over.

Perhaps the story can end like it began, with the perp behind bars - but this time FOR REAL.

That was "A Pedophile's Tale", in 3 Acts for today.



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